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Oogie Boogie Mask, Natural Latex Oogie Boogie Mask Halloween Costume Mask
$34.95 $52.00
Oogie Boogie Mask, Nightmare Before Christmas Horror Oogie Boogie Mask 12.6‘’x9.8''
$34.95 $55.00
Oogie Boogie Mask, Halloween Oogie Boogie Latex Mask 11''x13.8''
$39.95 $65.00

Make this Halloween one to remember with Oogie Boogie Mask! Handcrafted from premium natural latex, our masks perfectly capture the spooky and sinister look of the classic character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Whether you're looking to be the life of the party or just need a costume for trick-or-treat, choose Oogie Boogie Mask and you'll be sure to stand out!